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You know when your schedule is so busy you dont even have time to stop and think? And you cant even remember what day it is? But all you know is you have to be somewhere NOW and you have to go to the store NOW and you have to drop off something NOW and you have to GO NOW AND DO NOW AND BE NOW! And OMG! I am in the fastlane, been stuck here for 3 days and I dont think I'm getting out for a couple more days.
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Loving why you are gone but hating the missing you part!!
When my sister came home from college for the Holidays... she came home for good. Well, kinda. She is like one! credit! from graduating with her BA. In German. And when I say she is KINDA HOME... and has ONE CREDIT left... and is majoring in GERMAN... yeah, that little overachieving sister of mine is finishing her "technical" last semester, abroad in A U S T R I A. And of course, Germany. She left this past week and after having her home for almost a month, Bubba and I are going through some serious withdraw.

However, the very fact she is almost 4,545 miles away is great because I knew I could post this glamor shot of her, safely, without fear of her strangling me. (If I suddenly disappear in July... you'll know she came home. And got revenge.)


Bubba had such a great time while Auntie was home. They. played. hard! My little sis is sooo great with Bubba! It was nice too have someone else for Bubba to play with. Not only for my daughters sake (cause Auntie acts like she is 2) but for my sake as well. I was able to get a little bit of me time in. Amazing!!

Two evenings in December we also had the babysitter over to watch Bubba (that story will come later! Promise!) while we all went to the bar to play pool and darts. There might have been a couple drinks in there. Okay, maybe. a. lot. of. drinks. in. there.

My sister and I have really only seriously bonded this last year anyway, so it was awesome! to go out with her and actually WANT to be seen in public with her! Cause there was a time when I wouldnt have been caught dead... Anyways, we had such a blast... looking forward to her coming home. Again.

Because things like this happen as well when we are all together...

No, your eyes arent deceiving you... that is a DOUBLE Scrabble board. Homemade. There was a little bit of cutting and some rearranging... and viola! We got tired of the game going so quickly that with twice the real estate, we could make the game longer. And funnier. And just plain. awesome. Cause when was the last time you thought a game of Scrabble was awesome?

Speaking of awesome, my sister not only speaks German fluently, taught herself to play guitar, has an incredible voice, was Saladictorian in high school, can cook like nobodys business... she is also the genius that can crochet a mean anything! You name it. That bitch is crafty! While home she outfitted every family member (as well as some of my jealous co-workers) with scarves and matching hats. I have NEVER EVER been able to get Bubba is wear a hat. Let alone a scarf. Auntie shows up? I cant get Bubba to take. the. hat. off. In the picture below, Bubba is actually wearing TWO hats.

I miss you sis but I know you are having an awesome time! Making memories that you will share with us for years. and. years.



Posted by and rudeness on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 5:25 PM
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That's so sweet. It's so wonderful that you have a great relationship with your sis! :)
Oh, and she's so darn lucky for going to Austria!! I'd love to go there someday and check out the Mozart musuem!!
Posted by Blogger Brenda | January 14, 2007 12:31 PM  
So, what? you like it when I cry or something?! hahah. Ryan, you are so awesome. (or as you would write) you. are. so. awesome. I LOVE IT! I can't believe how much I miss you! It's insane! I can't wait for M-Town!! I told ALL my German friends (*clears throat* correction: both of them) ahout our bar. hahaha. I was like "best damn time of my LIFE! You should have seen my sister try to distract me from pool. She has NICE boobs." hahahah. The bubba picture is soooo cute! OMG. Also, check your gmail. I e-mailed you.
I miss you so much. I miss your laugh a lot, too. Aw, my heart just kinda broke a little. I gotta go. I'm gonna be a mess if I keep going and these are public computers. Everyone will call me "wussy american" It'll be just like highschool. except not. :) I love you.
Posted by Blogger Erin | January 16, 2007 8:02 AM  
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