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You know when your schedule is so busy you dont even have time to stop and think? And you cant even remember what day it is? But all you know is you have to be somewhere NOW and you have to go to the store NOW and you have to drop off something NOW and you have to GO NOW AND DO NOW AND BE NOW! And OMG! I am in the fastlane, been stuck here for 3 days and I dont think I'm getting out for a couple more days.
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Taking the initiative.
I was out in Blogland this morning and somewhere deep within I found a meme. Surprised? Those things are everywhere. But I loved it. So I have modified it and yes, MADE IT SHORTER and thought it would be a great idea to start a meme. Cause I always see them, get tagged for one or happen upon a great one in progress... but I have never started one.

(I would give credit back to whom I found it from but it was well into her archives... and I dont want to be viewed as a stalker.)

Without further ado...

1. Was totally obsessing about becoming a Senior in high school.
2. Skipping a lot of class and hanging with my friends.
3. Working at Hardee's and thinking I looked good in the uniform.
4. On the basketball team.
5. Having sex... shhhh... dont tell my Mom.

1. Was missing the "Good ole' Days."
2. Working at Dell Computers AND Starbucks.
3. In college for graphic design.
4. Student Government President.
5. Wished I was having sex.

1. Was taking care of a very little Bubba.
2. Breastfeeding. (...Bubba. I thought I should clarify.)
3. Working at Target and loving the discount.
4. Trying to lose my baby weight.
5. Wishing I had never learned what sex was.

1. Felt like I FINALLY got started on my "career."
2. Started this blog.
3. Really and truly started connecting with my sister.
4. Realized that I really hate snow. And winter. And arctic blasts.
5. Wished I could have more sex.

1. Took a bike ride to the store with Bubba.
2. Told a joke at work that no one got.
3. Thought it would be cool to be bald if I didnt have to deal with all this hair.
4. Realized that celery without peanut butter tastes like shit.
5. Did not have any sex.

1. Took a leap of faith and started a meme.
2. Stuck to my diet, even when there were french fries in the house.
3. Had my parents over and actually enjoyed their company.
4. Crawled around on all fours and meowed like a cat to make Bubba laugh.
5. Tried and failed to get "some."

1. Do the laundry that I piled high in the corner.
2. Put some new batteries in my digital camera and take some pics.
3. Take a bike ride with Bubba to the park.
4. Buy some rope, duck tape and whip cream.
5. Try a little harder to have sex.

See that wasnt so bad.
So lets see how Mandacakes and Heidi do on theirs!! Tag your it... love you girls!


Posted by and rudeness on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 9:50 PM
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I've seen this before but not in awhile.
Posted by Blogger nailgirl24 | May 03, 2007 12:19 AM  
Here's to hoping the rope, duct tape, and whip cream do the trick. wink, wink ;)
Posted by Anonymous Emily | May 03, 2007 7:29 AM  
Oooh! I've been tagged! This is my first time ever.

I like how you managed to work sex into every category, whether or not you were actually having any.

Buying rope, duct tape and whipped cream, followed by trying harder to have sex? *giggle*
Posted by Blogger Heidi | May 03, 2007 12:44 PM  
Hey no update...I mean, what with the rope and the whipped cream, we were all pulling for you!
Posted by Blogger Jay | May 07, 2007 10:34 AM  
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