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You know when your schedule is so busy you dont even have time to stop and think? And you cant even remember what day it is? But all you know is you have to be somewhere NOW and you have to go to the store NOW and you have to drop off something NOW and you have to GO NOW AND DO NOW AND BE NOW! And OMG! I am in the fastlane, been stuck here for 3 days and I dont think I'm getting out for a couple more days.
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Feeling the love... even though I have been busy as heck.
Things have been so crazy around my house lately (ie. Bubba being so darn needy, sister coming home, construction, vehicle woes, dishes, vacuuming, laundry... damn laundry, work, doctors visits... you name it... its gotta be done and its gotta be done RIGHT! NOW!) and I just havent had any time for... well... anything... pretty much anything other than the essentials, which leaves me with no time to do any fun stuff like PLAY WITH MY NEW HAIR...

...OR blogging, and that means posting... and I am sure you are all tired of coming over here to be disappointed day in and day out to see that I havent posted anything new or anything of real substance in like, what, WEEKS? And I have been feeling really bad for being a bad commenter/reader on everyones elses blogs for... uhm... what... WEEKS?! So I have been really trying hard to spend a good amount of time catching up with each of you personally. No serious. Go check your stats. I'm the stalker. You see the 37 page views? And the same IP like 10 times in a row? Cause I was in your flickr... out of flickr... clicked on a link... back a page... forward a page... you know what I am talking about...

Edited to Add: Sadly I started this post 6 days ago... really sad huh? So I am once again catching up but the funny part... everything up to this point... Is STILL true!!! Jesus!


What I am trying to get at? I was over loving all over the Mommy Chronicles this evening (6 days ago) when I saw that she gave me this 10 DAYS AGO (now 16):

And I am honored! And I am appreciative! And I totally blushed! And then I was like... Man, I totally suck. And then I left her a comment that pretty much said what I just said above but I think I used the word totally about 300 more times than that with an ungodly amount of explanation points.

But I feel like I totally suck because, damn. 10 days ago. I wasnt even there to receive my prize when she handed them out. And she got out the sparkly confetti and EVERYTHING. So thank you girl. YOU! TOTALLY! ROCK! And I am honored that you think I rock. Cause really? I think YOU ROCK WAAAAY more than I do!!

So thank you! So much!

And I promise to everyone if you come back soon, I will have something of SUBSTANCE to read. Cause I have a few things brewing...

Posted by and rudeness on Friday, July 20, 2007 at 12:05 AM
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Ahh! You rock!
Posted by Blogger That Chick Over There | July 20, 2007 12:25 PM  
Dudette, you totally rock!
Posted by Blogger CakeHead | July 22, 2007 12:07 AM  
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